National  Academy of Arts of Ukraine

National  Academy of Arts of Ukraine

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National  Academy of Arts of Ukraine

Dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine (2006)    (format PDF)

Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine (2016)    (format PDF)

????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????? ???????, ???????? ?. ?. ???????The idea of creating a state scientific-artistic institution, which would unite the best artistic and scientific forces of Ukraine for the spiritual rebirth of our nation and the development of the professional and folk arts and would preserve and enrich the artistic traditions, was living in the Ukrainian artistic community since 1920s.

The Academy of Arts of Ukraine was founded on 14th of December of 1996 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine “About the Academy of Arts of Ukraine” N1209/96 as a state scientific-artistic organization in the field of art and art criticism. The Academy includes departments of fine, musical, theatrical and cinematography arts, theory and history of art (art criticism), synthesis of plastic arts, section of aesthetics and cultural studies in structure of department of synthesis of plastic arts. Departments are engaged in identifying priority development paths of Ukrainian art, main directions of fundamental scientific researches, advancement of education, organization of scientific-applied researches in this field.

The Academy incorporates 100 outstanding scientists and experts of modern age – artists, composers, theatre and film producers, conductors, actors, art experts, leaders of national artistic groups and theatres, higher artistic institutions which with their active diverse activity made a strong contribution into enrichment of spiritual treasure house of Ukraine.

The powerful scientific and creative potential of the Academy provides an opportunity to explore deep processes of artistic life and to integrate Ukraine into the international scientific-cultural community. This is confirmed by the numerous publications of our scientists and artists in domestic and foreign journals and by their participation in international conferences, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions and other art projects dedicated to the problems of cultural development and artistic education.

Creation of an Institute of Contemporary Art within the Academy in December 2001 has opened large opportunities for working out fundamental research programs on history and theory of art, culture and its transformation in the conditions of global challenges of our time. The Institute has published a number of monographs and scientific digests: the collective monographs "Essays on the topic of history of the cinema of Ukraine", "Essays on the topic of history of fine art of Ukraine of the XXth century", “Essays on the topic of history of dramatic art of Ukraine of the XXth century"; digests devoted to questions of art and culture "MIST” (art, history, modernity, theory) ,"Actual problems of artistic practice and art criticism: Art horizons: scientific theoretical works and journalism” and others. The Institute participates in many international art events - exhibitions, festivals, realizes numerous of international projects. Head of the Institute - Academician, Vice-President of the Academy, Ph.D. in history of art, National artist of Ukraine, Professor Victor Sydorenko.

In May 2007 there was created the Institute for cultural research, which realizes fundamental researches in theory and history of culture, in particular which studies the problems of artistic culture, its self-organization and dynamics, methodological, research and practice aspects of the development of the national culture, ethnic and cultural studies, museum management studies, landmark studies, world culture and international cultural contacts, practical and searching activities directed into development of national culture, introduction of new technologies and artistic practice, scientific and creative processes of the formation of national culture. Institute prepared and published scientific yearbooks "Opinion on Cultural Studies”, a number of monographs, scientific digests and organized numerous of scientific seminars, conferences, “round table” discussions. According to Decision of the Presidium of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine - Academician, Vice-President of the Academy, PhD Yuriy Bogutskiy was appointed as the Director of the Institute.

Accomplishing its mission of the highest scientific and creative institution in the field of professional art and methodological centre, the Academy unites creative, scientific and pedagogic effects of Ukraine in order to solve actual artistic problems, to implement tasks of national culture development, and further more active participation in modern world-wide artistic processes.

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